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Whiplash Ranch is actually the name of one of my residences. Years ago, it used to be a large hunting property, however; back in 1940 a hunting cabin was constructed on the property, and eventually, the cabin and the 5000 sq.ft. corral were left intact on one acre. The horse stables are truely as "Hard - Core - Spaghetti Western as it gets.  I would never replace them.
It is a place of inspiration where I walk amongst the four Huge Live Oaks--which, are probably some of the largest live oaks in Texas-- and conjure up holster designs which I then finish off in the cabin which still has real, solid mahogany-paneled walls, the old pine cabinets and four-foot wide halls that accomodated hunters of old.
It is an old place with a lot of history where sometimes there are noises at night from the creatures that inhabit the area. And sometimes there are other noises that eminate from an unknown source. It doesn't bother me; it only adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the place.
My new production facility is under construction in the Southern United States with another to follow.
We use state-of-the-art technology blended with ancient leathercrafting methods and old world skills; offering 19th-century-style, personal attention to shooters.
We don't "outfit working cowboys." We are not saddlemakers-turned-holstermakers. We supply real-world shooters and experienced western-style shooters who have been into western handgunning before it was popular. We've always been holstermakers even when we were arms dealers. Our world famous holsters are benchmade, very slowly, and with precision.
In fact, I've been told by thousands of customers and just about every legendary to famous gun writer over the last four decades that I make the finest vertcal shoulder holsters in the world.   I believe I do. The best western rigs too. However, I don't make horizontal shoulder holsters. For those, I recommend Galco Gunleather. They are the original horizontal shoulder holster production makers and, the best.
We recommend people to Galco and, Galco sends people to me for vertical shoulder holsters for Big Bore revolvers with long barrels. We appreciate that.  And, if you want the real, John Wayne rig, John Bianchi at Frontier Gun Leather are the people to get in contact with.
Now, If you want the toughest, most famous shoulder holster in the history of firearms, you come to me. You get the The Original Dirty Harry®: the legend, the history, the performance and the strongest lifetime warranty in the industry. And, if you want the hottest western rigs on the market: The TEXAS THROW-DOWNTM Extreme western crossdraw and The ARIZONA DANDYTM as seen in GUNS OF THE OLD WEST Magazine; or a Western Heirloom Holster from our exclusive DEADWOOD JUSTICE collection, well... I'm the Holster Maker you want to order from..
(Background Spaghetti Western Gunfighter's Blues Guitar music by Daniel Chudley, of the UK, played on a Tin-Tone Guitar; courtesy of, and with permission of Jon Free at Tin-Tone Sonic Fascinators; home of unique, handmade, tin box guitars and more. Visit Jon's fascinating site that shows his "Sonic Fascinators", how great they sound, and more at
LAWMAN LEATHER GOODS BRAND Design Shop at Whiplash Ranch: A place where prime hides, guns, and the fine leather craftsmanship and vast experience of a Real Gunhand, bond to form gunholster models for hard, real-world use by seasoned Handgunners;
Police, Elite Military Troops, Hunters & Western-Style Action Shooters. Our roots go deep in the firearms industry. As far as holsters for Big-Bores, we are legendary: the best in the history of firearms. It's documented by experts. Don't ever bet against it.