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If you want to do STEAMPUNK for real, wear your gun in the SIX-SHOT MOJO™;
a REAL STEAMPUNK Western Holster made by WILD GUNS LEATHER Co. of TEXAS:
a REAL Holstermaker with 52 years of experience. WILD GUNS makes legendary
shoulder holsters that have been used by shooters in more than 23 nations for over
35 years. The SIX-SHOT MOJO™ is the First and ONLY real holster made for the
STEAMPUNK style for real guns; benchmade from prime, hand-selected 9 oz. saddle
leather. It is then given a Gothic/Victorian/Old West style and authentic
“Accelerated-Aged” process using methods learned by the maker from old,
Hollywood propmasters decades ago. It is strong-side-draw with a 25-degree
muzzle forward cant. The belt is a 1 ½” wide Garrison style of the post-civil war
period with a handsome, 1890’s-style, vertical-post buckle( the 1 ½” belt will
accommodate your favorite Steampunk buckle). Every SIX-SHOT MOJO™
is built and fitted by hand to the exact gun that it is ordered for and correctly
fitted with a long, leather-tie hammer loop.
     Available for all Colts, Colt Clones, Vaqueros, Piettas etc and all Black Powder
handguns with 4 ¾” thru 8” barrels. The open muzzle design allows for guns
with barrels longer than 5 ½” to extend, giving it a popular “Bounty Hunter” look.
WILD GUNS’ SIX-SHOT MOJO™, “Coffin-Style “ logo is deeply stamped into the
holster and belt tip. Each rig has a deeply, hand-tooled cross done in a free-style,
crooked look with Six “X’s”; adding to the theme of the rig and, making each rig a
work of art. The huge cylinder oblong oval in the holster serves to show your gun
off while adding a practical cool-down feature. The holster is hand-laced with
top-grain calfskin and strengthened with six chromed dome-screws. The belt has
a double chain to hold a boot knife or pocket watch chain post, should you not be wearing a vest and…the “leg tie” is
a heavily chrome-plated chain with two swivel snap-hooks that are infinitely adjustable which, feeds through a wide, black suede sleeve; guaranteeing your muzzle never hits. STEAMPUNK is hot! Every SIX-SHOT MOJO™ Steampunk Gunbelt Rig is tested for 30-minutes, ensuring you, the shootist, a smooth draw every time and will serve you well in any Western-Style Shooting match and definitely give you a “dashing” look at any STEAMPUNK event! Our local Ranchers, Handgun Carry Citizens and Working Horsemen and Cowboys in our Region of Texas have really taken a liking to our SIX -SHOT MOJO™ They say it is a "Distinctive Wild West Gun Holster Set with an Outlaw look that will really compliment our guns." And, it feels great and Performs in a Superior Manner. FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY and it's TRANSFERABLE! "Best In The Business!"
RETAIL PRICE:  $225.00   TO ORDER by VISA, MASTER CARD or DISCOVER CREDIT or DEBIT CARD CALL:  call (361) 389-4566. If you wish to order by check or Money Order, Please SEE OUR RETAIL PRICE LIST in this website for our mailing address.