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Dear Shootists,

"A couple of decades ago, I was the Confidential Operations Manager for The O Bar O Ranch / Blanco Land & Cattle Co. in Texas. The Gent who owned the ranch was close to 90 years-old at the time, so his Daddy had been alive during the Old West in Texas.

The owner had many pistols and Holsters from Old West Texas in his collection--some of which I purchased. I also own the original horse branding iron; The mark of which you see above. The designs of these holsters were very unique and some, crudely-made. Some had decorative conchos of the period. I have taken some elements from these Bunkhouse-made rigs and incorporated them into my own version. The RIO CONCHO was featured in the AMERICAN RIFLEMAN Magazine a couple of years ago, and shown as the first, aged, Spaghetti Western Holster rig. It is considered a FULL CUSTOM ORDER, therfore, I suggest you call to discuss your needs."

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